References - Viktoria Kotova

I ordered Ania design of my new apartment. I am impressed by her ability to work with small and ordinary rooms and accommodate to any renovation budget. Her solutions are original and creative, and she always goes an extra mile to make sure they work. Right now I am in the process of implementing design project, and Ania's work is very easy to understand for actual construction workers. They have very few questions, and note very high level of supplied documents.

I look forward to enjoying my apartment when it's ready.

Viktoria Kotova
Kiev, Ukraine
May 2015

References - Mrs Cornélie van Waegeningh, LL.M

This is to confirm that I know Mr Kamil Sosin, born on July 22, 1975, Polish national, who started to do construction work in the Netherlands already around 2000. I personally met Mr Sosin only around June/July 2012 at a friend's place where he was undertaking renovation work in and around my friend's residence.

Having noted the high quality of Sosin's work, we then agreed that he would start doing such renovation works at my place in Woerden as well. According to our arrangement he started to work end of July 2012.

Mr Kamil Sosin worked at my place for a couple of weeks and I came to know him as a most reliable constructor, delivering quality work and being highly trustworthy.

Mrs Cornélie van Waegeningh, LL.M
Former diplomat
Woerden, the Netherlands
August 2012

References - Dr F. de Haan

Hierbij wil ik graag aangeven dat de firma SO•IN Sosin Interieurs over het laatste jaar een aantal malen, voor langere en kortere tijd, voor mij gewerkt heeft. Het werk bestond uit een diversiteit van klussen in en rond mijn huis (stuccen, schilderen, constructie, advies, design, dakrenovatie en het fabriceren van ramen). Elke klus werd tot volle tevredenheid uitgevoerd. Daarnaast was het goed om met Kamil Sosin te werken en kan ik hierbij bevestigen dat hij volledig te vertrouwen is in de manier waarop hij werkt en communiceert.

Voor eventuele vragen ben ik altijd bereikbaar via mijn e-mail adres

Dr F. de Haan

References - G.A. Hengeveld

Tot onze grote tevredenheid heeft Kamil Sosin in diverse perioden van het jaar ons huis zowel van buiten als van binnen geverfd. Waar nodig bovendien het houtwerk vernieuwd.

Daarbij ging hij steeds nauwgezet te werk. En in goed overleg met ons is alles verricht zowel wat betreft de gemaakte afspraken als wel de kwaliteit van het werk c.q. materialen.

Op grond van deze bevindingen willen wij Kamil gaarne aanbevelen.

Mede names mijn vrouw
G.A. Hengeveld
Hilversum, augustus 2012


References - Elżbieta Grochans

Ania Sosin as interior designer showed a very high professionalism in the preparation of a residential home interior design.

Her ideas and suggestions were very innovative and interesting at the same time consistent with the philosophy and the needs of the employer. The study showed conscientiousness, kindness, great commitment and creativity.

Prepared project was very careful, included all details and refined elements contained in the contract.

As a person who used the services of the project carried out by Ania Sosin I can thoroughly recommend the business as a very professional and competent, and Ania as a creative and engaged designer.

Elżbieta Grochans
Kurów, Poland

References - Małgorzata and son Paweł

It has always seemed to us, that while arranging homes we have to make a choice: comfort and convenience or aesthetic, pretty look. With Ania's work we have managed to unite both functions into one, the period of finishing our flats we remember with a smile. Nice contact, support and a good sense of our needs. This is how we describe our cooperation.

Małgorzata and son Paweł
Szczecin, Poland

References - Robert Serafin

While executing construction works based on the draft made by Ania Sosin, I tried to keep all the designed details that were included in the project. The choice of colours and materials is praised not only by my family and friends but also by the contractors working at the place.

Professional work, great sense of style, excellent knowledge of colour... and patience - I'm a demanding client.

In my opinion if all the companies treated the customer as well as Ania does, arranging of interiors would be a pleasure.

Robert Serafin
Grzędzice, Poland